[Marxism] Sanhati: The Authoritarian Turn in India

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Mon Feb 18 10:28:57 MST 2013

13 February 2013
By Sanhati Collective

India appears to be heading towards a period of undeclared emergency.
The ruling Congress party, unnerved by the popular anger against its
neo-liberal policies and all pervasive corruption, and fearing an
electoral debacle is violently lurching to the right to take up the
communal and parochial agenda of the opposition BJP. This has been
strongly manifested by the events of the past few days in New Delhi.
On 6th February, the Delhi police actively colluded with hooligans
from the BJP’s students wing ABVP to brutally assault and abuse
students and teachers of Delhi University protesting against the visit
of the Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi to a Delhi University

Full statements [W/ LINKS] @ <http://sanhati.com/articles/6136/>.

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