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I could of course add that science is incredibly expensive, and a good deal
of the money will go to profit margins of large corporations who lobby the
federal government for just this type of expenditure — to me the rentiers
skimming off the top just goes without saying. But the  science of
functional connectomics and probe design is valuable and deserves to
funded. Out of all the ways our government spends billions, this would be
one of the more productive, although I imagine that like the human genome
project it will be overhyped, and thus appear to be a letdown when it falls
far short of what it couldn't possibly deliver on. With few examples,
neuroscientific advances are quite long-term projects.

On Mon, Feb 18, 2013 at 11:21 AM, Ben Campbell <neurodialectics at gmail.com>wrote:

> Details are scant, but if it is indeed based on the proposal of Alivisatos
> et al., then this is excellent news. In terms of substantive scientific
> discoveries, ignore the hype — we're talking about starting with a
> microscopic worm, and maybe imaging a full fly brain or mouse retina a
> decade from now. The more important contribution will be towards the
> development of next-generation "nano" probes, which will aid numerous
> experimentalists not directly involved in the project.
> On Mon, Feb 18, 2013 at 10:51 AM, Les Schaffer <schaffer at optonline.net>wrote:
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>> Ben:
>> what do you make of this billion-dollar pot:
>> http://www.nytimes.com/2013/02/18/science/project-seeks-to-build-map-of-human-brain.html
>> Obama Seeking to Boost Study of Human Brain
>> Published: February 17, 2013
>> The Obama administration is planning a decade-long scientific effort to
>> examine the workings of the human brain and build a comprehensive map of
>> its activity, seeking to do for the brain what the Human Genome Project
>> did for genetics.
>> [snip]
>> The National Institutes of Health, the Defense Advanced Research
>> Projects Agency and the National Science Foundation will also
>> participate in the project, the scientists said, as will private
>> foundations like the Howard Hughes Medical Institute in Chevy Chase,
>> Md., and the Allen Institute for Brain Science in Seattle.
>> A meeting held on Jan. 17 at the California Institute of Technology was
>> attended by the three government agencies, as well as neuroscientists,
>> nanoscientists and representatives from Google, Microsoft and Qualcomm.
>> According to a summary of the meeting, it was held to determine whether
>> computing facilities existed to capture and analyze the vast amounts of
>> data that would come from the project. The scientists and technologists
>> concluded that they did.
>> Les
>> On 02/18/2013 10:18 AM, Ben Campbell wrote:
>> > "While few contemporary biologists would recognize it as such, biology
>> is
>> > increasingly a vindication of Hegel’s dialectical understanding of the
>> > subject-object relation, and hence Marx’s materialist dialectic."
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