[Marxism] Pakistan’s Shia genocide 101

Alan Bradley alanb1000 at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 18 12:56:04 MST 2013

>From the Pakistani webzine Viewpoint:

"The total number of Shia killed as per independent estimates is over 21,000 which includes several thousand children and professionals

For decades Shia Muslims have been killed in Pakistan and the issue has either been pushed under the carpet or obfuscated using blanket terms such as ‘sectarian violence’. Both the print and the electronic media have on purpose hidden the Shia identity of the victims. The victims are often reported as mere ‘afraad’ [persons] randomly killed, not targeted for their faith.

Most Pakistanis have been silent on the issue, not uttering a word as if speaking for the Shia will make them a Shia. However, they do have time and energy to protest for Palestinians, Burmese or Syrians. The civil society and activists on social media, or otherwise, hesitate to use the word Shia – apparently they condemn the bloodshed but are shy of using the word Shia, like the mainstream media. This does not help. This is rather part of the problem.

This comprehensive essays aims to discuss all dimensions of the issue in a FAQ format with rich use of multimedia and aims to serve as a 101 on Shia Genocide in Pakistan."

rest at: http://www.viewpointonline.net/pakistans-shia-genocide-101.html

Also: Being Shia in Pakistan

"Every morning when I left home with my daada to go to school, the wall opposite our door had a new wall chalking reading “Kaafir Kaafir Shia Kaafir”

Pakistan is home to a large Shia community, second only to Iran but if you are born in the community, you sure have landed in the wrong place. I was born Shia in Pakistan in 1984 and a year later, the state decided to turn the informal violence against the Shia --- ever present courtesy the exclusivist national ideology which is inherently anti-Shia --- into an official slow genocide."

rest at: http://www.viewpointonline.net/being-shia-in-pakistan-a-personal-experience.html

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