[Marxism] Marx Was a Neuroscientist

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Mon Feb 18 15:36:40 MST 2013

The impact of the genome work and DNA research generally will have as
big an impact as was touted, I suspect, though it's not going to be
instantaneous.  For anyone interested in the human past, it has
produced one mind-boggling insight after another.

In this case, the major ideological impact--thwarted though the
Fundies might try to make it--is the fundamental unity of the human
race--remarkably close.  Not only did it establish the African origins
of the human race, but it permitted a rather solid basis for
discussing migrartions.

And the genetic bottleneck dated to around 74,000 years ago not only
demonstrated how close the human race has come to extinction in the
past, but defined just how closely connected the successors of the
surviving little population actually are.

Over the last few years, even the much alligned "primitives" (like the
Neanderthals) that existed alongside homo sapiens sapiens have turned
out to have had an ancestral relation to the existing Europeam and
Euro-American populations.  For all the groundless killer-ape crap
about how we wiped our cousins, it's a delicious turn of events.


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