[Marxism] Australian IST group uncritically backs the SWP CC

Stuart Munckton stuartmunckton at gmail.com
Mon Feb 18 19:55:27 MST 2013

> They do some good work here and there such as in refugee rights but Omar is
> quite right to imply that the healthier development has been by Socialist
> Alternative. The US ISO seems broadly similar.

 Actually, I thought Omar's  comment about Solidarity "isolating
themselves" through "extreme sectarianism" was completely overthetop and a
production of the deep bitterness that exists between the two groups --
that boiled over into an ugly scenes at a refugee rally last year. I
thought it was completely uncalled for and not backed by any evidence here
i n Sydney.

Solidarity are capable of behaving in a sectarian way. They have alienated
some people. So has Socialist Alternative. They also play a big role in
different campaigns, from RAC to the campaign on Sydney Uni -- and while I
don't think how they do it is always great, it is ridiculous to say they
have just isolated themselves there.  Some people have been annoyed at
things they have done,. others involved int eh campaign have joined them.

Socialist Alternative is certainly the more successful in terms of numbers,
but I am not sure qualitatively healthier. Certainly, this  unbalanced
depiction of Solidarity indicates a twisted view of the rest of the left. I
certainly have no desire to go and join Solidarity, and could spend a lot
longer than this listing all the things I disagree with them on, but I have
to protest at that ridiculous carictature.


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