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By Paul Mason

Published: February 2013


Eyewitness reporting and shrewd analysis from the many centers of the global movement for liberation.

Originally published in 2012 to wide acclaim, this updated edition, WHY IT’S STILL KICKING OFF EVERYWHERE, includes coverage of the most recent events in the wave of revolt and revolution sweeping the planet—riots in Athens, student occupations in the UK, Quebec and Moscow, the emergence of the Occupy Movement and the tumult of the Arab Spring. Economic crisis, social networking and a new political consciousness have come together to ignite a new generation of radicals.

BBC journalist and author Paul Mason combines the anecdotes gleaned through first-hand reportage with political, economic and historical analysis to tell the story of today’s networked revolution. WHY IT’S STILL KICKING OFF EVERYWHERE not only addresses contemporary struggles, it provides insights into the future of global revolt.


“The mix of wide-ranging reportage and historical analysis is lively and insightful. ” - Claire Allfree, METRO

“The writing of this reportage is compact, urgent, present-tense, declarative, and addictive. ” - Andy Beckett, GUARDIAN

“Mason has had a ringside seat to some of the biggest news events of 2011. He has listened to the protestors in Tahrir Square. He followed Greek workers marching through Athens. He has travelled through America, watched first hand the collapse of blue-collar employment and the death of the dream of home ownership. ” - GUARDIAN

“He's lively, funny and engaging, trading in the energy derived from the thrill and significance of what he's witnessing. ” - Phil Harrison, TIME OUT

“A cogent, accessible analysis of the ongoing forces of global upheaval. ” - KIRKUS REVIEWS

“Mason has emerged as possibly the most engaged mainstream journalist of our age.” - George Eaton, NEW STATESMAN


Paul Mason is the economics editor of the BBC’s flagship current affairs program NEWSNIGHT and appears frequently on BBC WORLD NEWS AMERICA. He has covered globalization and social justice stories from locations around the world, including Latin America, Africa and China. His book LIVE WORKING,DIE FIGHTING was longlisted for the Guardian First Book Award.

A recent interview with Paul Mason in THE INDEPENDENT is found here:


ISBN: 9781844670284 $16.95 / £9.99 / $18.00CAN / PAPERBACK / 334 pages

For more information about WHY ITS STILL KICKING OFF EVERYWHERE or to buy the book visit: http://www.versobooks.com/books/1195-why-it-s-still-kicking-off-everywhere


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