[Marxism] Australian IST group uncritically backs the SWP CC

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Tue Feb 19 23:34:08 MST 2013

 Joaquín Bustelo WROTE:" The use of terms like "loyal colonial-settler
subjects of the mother country" confuse more than clarify and --at
least on a superficial level-- adapt to Australian nationalism,
covering up the real source of the problem. '

The colonialist reference is surely meant to be  facetious...I prefer
the term 'franchisee' or franchise holder.  Like McDonalds or Kentucky
Fried Chicken or Pizza Hut. Nonetheless, the way the British far left
-- specifically London and not just the UK SWP  -- has exported its
boutique socialisms to the rest of the world does have more than a
hint of colonialism about it.

Here in Australia we have IST franchisees, CWI franchisees, AWL
franchisees, WSWS/SEP franchisees, Spartacist League-ist franchisees,
US SWP franchisees...

I haven;t been frequenting the inner urban left ghettoes so much
lately so my list isn't exhaustive.

To rail against all this as an example of 'Leninism' is maybe a bit
strong as the great toy internationalists weren't Lenin but  Leon
Trotsky,  Gerry Healy, Ernest Mandel, Jim Cannon, Peter Taafe, Tony
Cliff....et al.

In this regard the stuff that John Riddell is recovering about the
Communist international is very useful

But an 'International'  isn't such a bad idea in itself such as the
one Hugo Chavez called for a few years back. .

dave riley

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