[Marxism] new book "reveals" that My Lai was more the rule than the exception!

Dennis Brasky dmozart1756 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 20 08:37:43 MST 2013

Nick Turse’s *Kill Anything That Moves* is an important contribution to
understanding My Lai as the rule rather than the exception for US policy in
South Vietnam, but is it really a revelation?

Michael Uhl

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Among the 30,000 titles on the Vietnam War Jonathan Schell refers to in his
review, his *The Village of Ben Suc* and *The Military Half* are in the
cream that floats on the top of that list. But still, I believe that Schell
has oversold the ground breaking significance of Nick Turse’s book by
overlooking the historical platform on which it has been constructed. And I
hope to demonstrate below with some few strands of evidence at hand why
that is the case.**

What I am presenting here as evidence is, as we used to say about the My
Lai massacre, just the tip of the iceberg. A reader might conclude,
however, even based on this limited sampling, that Americans were hearing
and reading on a regular basis in the mainstream media, certainly after
November 1969, the widely published message from elements of the antiwar
movement, and from war veterans themselves, that atrocities in Vietnam were
in fact the norm, and the direct outcome of U.S. government policies and
“orders from above,” however explicitly or implicitly delivered. If that
message failed to be heard, that’s another thing entirely.

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