[Marxism] Hungarian Soviet Republic of 1918

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Apologies if I sound pedantic, but following Andrew's logic, I would also
recommend searching university library catalogues, which are publicly
available to anyone with an internet connection. Links to them can be found
by visiting university homepages. And be creative with your search queries
to find exactly what you want. Try also to make use of the library's
subject headings to hone in on the area that you can then browse within the
catalogue with more precision. Some starting-point LCC subject headings
could be: Hungary
History 20th Century<http://alpha.lib.uwo.ca/search%7ES20?/dHungary+History/dhungary+history/1%2C85%2C564%2CB/exact&FF=dhungary+history+++20th+century&1%2C14%2C/indexsort=->.
Once you find the book info, see if your local library would have what
you're looking for, or, of course, if any online bookseller carries the
title for purchase. I'll be happy to help further, if requested.

Best to all,

Craig Butosi, MA, MLIS

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> type "hungarian soviet republic" in the search field at marxists.org.
> lots of stuff comes up
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