[Marxism] Richard Seaford talks on the Origins of Money in London March 5

Chris Knight chris.knight at live.com
Thu Feb 21 12:52:55 MST 2013

You may be interested to know that the leading Marxist expert on ancient Greece, Richard Seaford (author of 'Money and the Early Greek Mind' and "Cosmology and the Polis') will be talking in London soon. Richard is well known for arguing that ancient Greece was the first ever thoroughly monetised society, making it crucial to an understanding of the role of money in our lives today. 
'Community, Individual and the Origins of Money.'A talk by Richard Seaford.Tuesday March 5, 6.30 - 9.00pm.St. Martins Community Centre43 Carol St., London NW1 OHT (2 mins from Camden tube).
Suggested donation: £10 high waged, £5 low waged and £3 unwaged/student. Come early if you would like a hot meal.
Please publicise as widely as possible.
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