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Hello Einde, Everyone,

You are correct that, in most cases, the online texts are not available via
university library catalogues. I never suggested they were. I merely was
offering one of many suggestions that one could take to fulfill an
information need. Seeking out the bibliographic information of books
available elsewhere (like via public libraries) is a perfectly valid way of
doing research. I also did not make any normative claim as to the
superiority of my suggestion over other suggestions listed herein.
Including into one's search strategy sources that may be useful to the one
looking for them -- which in the end is up to them and not us by the way --
can only help  rather than hinder. I apologize if I sounded ungrateful and
pedantic as you say; this was not my intention. But, I believe final
judgment on this matter will rest with the original poster, Matt, and not
you. Lastly, for what it's worth there are many Marxist thinkers who have
published with houses that academic and other libraries collect, and to
somehow implicitly make the suggestion that this is not the case, as you
have Eine when you say "In addition they are, generally speaking, texts by
Marxists," is somewhat misleading. I only have to point you to such houses
as Verso, International Publishers, and Between the Lines as examples. But
this is merely my opinion, and perhaps not at all that useful in this

For what it's worth,


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> On 21.02.2013 18:21, Craig Butosi wrote:
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>> Apologies if I sound pedantic, but following Andrew's logic, I would also
>> recommend searching university library catalogues, which are publicly
>> available to anyone with an internet connection.
> This isn't the case - doing a search at marxists.org gives you links to
> the actual texts online. In addition they are, generally speaking, texts by
> Marxists. So you do indeed sound somewhat pedantic - and to my "ears"
> rather ungrateful for a well-meant and helpful suggestion.
> Einde O'Callaghan
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