[Marxism] Colonialism, imperialism and Ireland

Philip Ferguson philipferguson8 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 21 17:07:12 MST 2013

At present I'm reading Maurice Coakley's *Ireland in the World Order: a
history of uneven development*.  It's not a particularly large book - only
238 pages, including index and references - but it is a useful antidote to
ideas about capitalist development that leave out of the picture the way in
which the development of other lands was stunted.  In this particular case,
as Engels noted, Ireland's development was not merely stunted but Ireland
was thrown centuries back by British rule.

I've put some bits of the book's preface up on theirishrevolution blog,

I'll be getting up a proper review when I've finished the book.

People interested in these questions and Ireland more generally may also be
interested in an old review I've put up of the Austen Morgan and Bob Purdie
edited collection of papers on *Ireland: divided nation, divided class*.
The review, by Richard Chessum, appeared back in 1980 in the
now-defunct *Ireland
Socialist Review* magazine.  The review can be read, here:

The Irish socialist-republican organisation éirígí has just produced a
video on how to effectively sabotage water meters, as the southern state
begins trying to charge people for water.  You can read about this here:

Their video has already had thousands upon thousands of hits.


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