[Marxism] Oscar Pistorius and the Global Death Cult of Misogyny

Dan R proletariandan at gmail.com
Thu Feb 21 18:08:33 MST 2013

Happened to be reading this and thought it appropriate. Needless to say,
Gopal's disgusting comment deserves our equal contempt.

"The women Communists of the East have an even harder battle to wage
because, in addition, they have to fight against the despotism of their
menfolk. If you, men of the East, continue now, as in the past, to be
indifferent to the fate of women, you can be sure that our countries will
perish, and you and us together with them: the alternative is for us to
begin, together with all the oppressed, a bloody life-and-death struggle to
win our rights by force. I will briefly set forth the women’s demands. If
you want to bring about your own emancipation, listen to our demands and
render us real help and co-operation."


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