[Marxism] Signs of deepening degeneration

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Feb 22 10:35:10 MST 2013

I started following Simon Assaf's tweeter page (is that what they call 
it?) after he signed off of Facebook.I thought that his posts on Syria 
and the Middle East were very useful (no surprise there.)

But recently he has taken to slandering Richard Seymour on twitter. 
Accusing him of aspiring to be the next Christopher Hitchens. Now he 
labels Richard's girlfriend a "spook".

This is exactly the trajectory of Gerry Healy. Sexual predation and now 
"snitch jacketing". Most of you are too young to remember this but the 
Healyites alleged that Joe Hansen, an SWP leader who was one of 
Trotsky's bodyguards, was a GPU agent and insinuated that he 
collaborated with the FBI as well.

You can bet that Assaf is picking up this bullshit from the SWP leaders. 
What a waste of humanity.

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