[Marxism] Golden Dawn threat on a journalist

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Feb 23 16:02:32 MST 2013

Dear comrades,I have to inform you that the Greek neo-nazis have just 
launched a racist attack against comrade Moisis Litsis. Under the title 
"The ESIEA (the Journalists' Union) has got a Jew as treasurer", the 
neo-fascist magazine "Stohos" published a "biographical note" of Moisis 
mentionning all his political and unionist activities in the last two 
decades. The clearly racist libel is concluded with the following 
phrase: "He speaks perfectly hebrew, he adores Israel although he 
declares to be (but who can believe him?) Anti-sionist!...At the ESIEA's 
General Assemblies, instead of speaking about the Greek journalists' 
problems, Moisis Litsis likes to speak about the Jewish Holocaust and 
the need to condemn the Golden Dawn"...

Dear comrades, I have to remind you that, among other things,  Moisis
Litsis has been the leader of the eight months exemplary struggle of the 
workers of the newspaper Eleftherotypia,and he is a founding member of 
the the Greek Committee against the Debt -CADTM Greece, and most
recently my partner in launching the European Antifascist initiative and 
Manifesto (he has been the one who translated the Manifesto in Hebrew). 
Useless to say how seriously we have to take this kind of racist attacks 
made by "Stohos" and its followers, when we have in mind all the murders 
and violent aggressions made by Greek neo-nazis in the last year. That 
is why I am launching now an appeal to all of you, because we can count 
only on you and on the international antifascist solidarity in order to 
support and protect comrade Moisis Litsis against the racist and fascist 
Thanking you in advance


Yorgos Mitralias

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