[Marxism] "Slavery in All But Name" - Jeffrey B. Perry

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Sun Feb 24 10:48:15 MST 2013

Something is always gained by looking at the past from a new angle, so
long as it doesn't itself preclude other angles . . . .

If history is about processes, reducing that 50-60 years of the
unfolding complexities that were the English Revolution merely to what
resulted distills the processes into an easily labeled and quickly
digested little morsel that may suit our tastes but with the loss of
its nutritional value.

Again, if we are to be consistent, then how to we judge the results of
the Russian Revolution?  Another bourgeois revolution in the result,

Finally, those historic revolutions did not come about because the
bourgeoisie, as a class, went out and initiated popular movements and
initiatives.  These things came from the discontent of the people.
The masses, their organizations, their ideas became a vital part of
the mix in this process.  The hope for human liberation lies in those
processes.  Of course, the triumphant bourgeoisie sought to write all
this out of history . . . .

I would urge any rethinking of past revolutions to keep the people,
their role and the possivilities of that role center stage.

Mark L.

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