[Marxism] Israel's Coming 'Civil War': The Haredi Jews Confront the Militarized Secular Zionist State

Jeff meisner at xs4all.nl
Sun Feb 24 11:37:28 MST 2013

At 16:21 24/02/2013 +0000, Paul Flewers wrote:
>Moshé Machover has issued this warning about James Petras' article:
>'Like much of what Prof Petras writes about Israel and Zionism, the article
>is ill-informed. Apart from minor inaccuracies, the major false assertion
>is that the Haredim generally are anti-Zionist.

That assertion was clearly false, as can be seen in the lack of any 
anti-zionist movement within Israel (outside of a VERY tiny far-left), 
though this could also hinge on one's exact definition of "Zionism." But 
even ignoring that, Petras' greater error is in suggesting one more version 
of a left-right alliance:

>The Haredim share a common plight with Israel ’s Arab population.....  A 
>Haredim-Arab alliance would unite 30% of the population against a common 
>secular militarist and plutocratic enemy.  Farfetched as it seems

It doesn't just SEEM farfetched, it is a classical recipe for disaster, no 
less than the alliance with the Nazis by a few Palestinian (mis-)leaders, 
most notably al-Husseini, the grand Mufti of Jerusalem (himself installed in 
that position by the British colonialists). Fortunately almost all current 
Palestinian factions are much more enlightened than Petras and do not seek 
out such misguided alliances.

One could chalk up Petras' position simply to ignorance, as Moshé Machover 
suggests. However I cannot help but see that his jumping to such a 
conclusion, and conveniently failing to recognize the inaccuracy of his 
"anti-Zionist" characterization of the Haredi, as another attempt to forge 
an alliance between the left (or in this case a national liberation struggle 
naturally allied with the left) and the far-right (or in this case a 
backward religious sect, notorious in liberal Israel for imposing 
segregation between the sexes). Unfortunately such an orientation is not 
unusual for Petras as has been previously discussed on this list, and makes 
his article particularly suited for the Global Research site, where it was 
published. I continue to be appalled by the ease with which large elements 
of the left are willing to focus on superficial coincidences between our 
positions, and embrace right-wingers such as Pat Buchanan, Paul Craig 
Roberts, Ron Paul, and antiwar.com. If Petras doesn't himself belong on that 
list, he is certainly among those who will lead the left down that path to 

- Jeff


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