[Marxism] The Greens and Labor: Is this war baby or just confusion?

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 24 14:25:06 MST 2013

Just a few comments, John.  We should never, like not ever, call the
bastards "miners".  They are mine owners,  or executives. They have never
done any mining. Only in Australia could that gross creature Gina Reinhart
be called a miner.

That apart I tend to think the Greens move is largely rhetorical, as you
do, I believe.  However it may be a sign that there is a left opening
within the Greens.  It may be that given the current political stagnation
that the call for a redistribution of money away from the 1% towards the
99% will gain traction. In any case we should be open to such a possibility
and not reply with the ever ready mantra of the need for a revolutionary
party. Think Syriza, John.  Think broad regroupment.  Above all think
beyond the  hopeful platitude of "from little things, big things grow".


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