[Marxism] The Greens and Labor: Is this war baby or just confusion?

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Sun Feb 24 16:37:10 MST 2013

Garry McLennan WROTE:"That apart I tend to think the Greens move is
largely rhetorical, as you do, I believe. However it may be a sign
that there is a left opening  within the Greens. It may be that given
the current political stagnation that the call for a redistribution of
money away from the 1% towards the 99% will gain traction. In any case
we should be open to such a possibility and not reply with the ever
ready mantra of the need for a revolutionary party. Think Syriza,
John. Think broad regroupment. ".

I agree with that very muchly.

In the light of this recent presentation by Christine Milne to the
press club,  this interview with HALL GREENLAND is very useful
A much  abridged transcript is here but the video is a much better
resource well worth watching in its entirety.

Greenland does indeed represent the left of the NSW branch of the
Greens and the NSW branch is the most left wing branch of the Greens
nationally....and Greenland has been a significant figure in the
socialist movement for almost 50 years -- having begun life as a
Trotskyist in partnership with the late Denis Freney (before Freney's
servile membership of the CPA) and Nick Origlass (sometime mayor of
Balmain). Later he was a key figure in the formation of the NSW Greens
and wrote the highly respected biography of Origlass..

Milne's problem is that even if you talk up via rhetoric  you may give
people , esp some of your membership peoples, the wrong impression and
this turn by the Greens is indeed, for want of a label (and without
going into context), a left turn.

Nonetheless, I have my  doubts that Greenland's analysis of the change
is correct. However, that may indeed be beside the point , because if
there is as Gary points out -- that "it may be a sign that there is a
left opening  within the Greens" -- then that's all for the better.

'dave riley

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