[Marxism] The Greens and Labor: Is this war baby or just confusion?

En Passant with John Passant en.passant at bigpond.com
Mon Feb 25 11:42:50 MST 2013

In response to my piece on the Australian Greens and the need to build a socialist alternative, both Gary and Dave seem to suggest in differing ways there is a left turn by the Greens and within the Greens. Well the rhetoric of the Greens may be shifting but the idea that there is some sort of SYRIZA moment going on as Gary for example hints at is not correct. 

The mass of the working class remain stubbornly unwilling to accept the enticements and embellishments of the Greens. Of course they also at the moment don't pay any attention to the tiny revolutionary left but we at least are building ourselves in ways that may enable us to be part of any future radicalisation of the class; the Greens are not.

I do think this increase in left rhetoric by leading Greens is about product differentiation in the run up to the September election and is parliamentary cretinism at its best. One could ask what have they been doing for the last 2.5 years to allow the situation to get so bad now under Labor. The social welfare Left rhetoric from the Greens might give an opening to the Left outside the Greens to raise the question I did - so are you just going to talk about these things or are you, as the party with ten percent of the vote, going to mobilise a section of society to win or try to win these goals? 

That is very different to imagining that the Greens or even the organised Left section in the leadership can be part of some left regroupment process. 

Revolutionary unity between Socialist Alternative and the Revolutionary Socialist Party, and the ongoing talks between Socialist Alternative and Socialist Alliance, are much more important in the long run than any flourish from the Greens, except for the opportunity that flourish offers for us to argue that the Greens are all talk and no action on refugees, equal love, war, addressing increasing inequality etc. 


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