[Marxism] Argo f**k yourself, Agee whiz is what we need

Jim Moody jim at redunity.org.uk
Mon Feb 25 11:59:51 MST 2013

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on Mon, 25 Feb 2013 17:43:47 +0000, Sebastian Clare wrote:
> Apologies for the slightly cringeworthy title, I have an indefensible
> penchant for terrible wordplay.
> I actually did not detest Argo too much, and certainly enjoyed it as
> a film. It did not downplay the role of the Canadians as much as I
> thought it would, and acknowledged early on the role of the United
> States in creating the conditions for the Iranian revolution and
> reaping what they had sown. The only part I really baulked that was
> the over-sentimental and unnecessary family subplot of Affleck's
> character, and the last few minutes felt particularly saccharin,
> almost nauseating. Still, compared to Zero Dark Thirty and Django
> Unchained, it was a veritable masterpiece.

Well, as we know, the last section of the film was complete fiction - it never happened, nor 
anything like it. Anyway, if list subscribers are not reviewed-out, my recent attempt to put the 
events depicted in Argo in their political context can be accessed here:

As for Agee: he was courageous to come out with his book, Inside the Company, given that he could 
have ended up suffering 'extreme prejudice' for doing so. As far as memory serves, it was well 
received on the left at the time - when there was a left of some substance, of course.

Jim Moody (jim at redunity.org.uk) on 25/02/2013

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