[Marxism] my response to Gerard Henderson on Ben Zygier, Stalinism and related matters

Jeff Sparrow Jeffrey.Sparrow at vu.edu.au
Mon Feb 25 16:04:44 MST 2013

I've generally considered the amusement some leftists take from Gerard Henderson's blog to be slightly distasteful, an echo of the nineteenth-century fashion for visiting London's asylum to giggle at the Bedlamites as they grimaced and drooled and tugged at themselves.

Sure, there's a degree of gall that some might call admirable involved in convincing the mysterious corporate backers of the Sydney Institute to fund Henderson's late career reinvention as an internet pest. But his obsession with trivial slights from five decades ago, his penchant for posing as a dog, the peculiar interjections from his imaginary editor ('They make him sound batshit crazy!' - Ed), the narcissistic publication of the letters in which he harasses correspondents about inanities, his stalkerish refusal to move on from his failed bromance with Robert Manne: together, it all renders Media Watch Dog unpleasantly like the digital chronicle of a slow-moving nervous breakdown.

In the normal course of events, one avoids tossing a bone to such an obvious and tedious troll but Henderson's tremendously dishonest response to my Drum article on the Ben Zygier case merits some sort of comment, partly because he's now cut and pasted himself into the Sydney Morning Herald but, more importantly, because his argument inadvertently provides a neat illustration of the parallels between Stalinism and Zionism to which I originally sought to publicise.

More http://overland.org.au/blogs/new-words/2013/02/a-response-to-gerard-henderson/

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