[Marxism] Syria rebels allege hit on regime general, Hezbollah members

Ken Hiebert knhiebert at shaw.ca
Tue Feb 26 17:56:04 MST 2013

Jeff says:
When posting it, I wish Ken would mention why he considers this report (even 
if true) very significant or worthy of further discussion. Mohammad Ali 
Durgham wouldn't be the first Syrian general injured in fighting, and if he 
had members of Hezbollah in his entourage while returning from Lebanon 
(which is quite plausible) then it wouldn't be surprising if some of them 
were hurt or killed as well. But this news report whose author is unnamed is 
also totally unsourced. I cannot find any further information (using Google) 
on the attack or statements by "a rebel group" that this report is 
supposedly based on (perhaps because it wasn't so important), and moreover I 
cannot find the supposed Youtube video through a search there either. What 

- Jeff

* * * *

Ken responds:
Jeff makes a good point about the sourcing of this report.  And the absence of a byline on the report is worth mentioning , too.  
The report suggests that Hezbollah is involved in the fighting.  I find that quite plausible, given other reports I have seen.
But I wouldn't offer this report as proof of anything.  For me it one report among many.
I see that the publishers of this report use the word "allege," which indicates that they themselves don't offer it as  a conclusive proof.

The report could turn out to be untrue.  But that raises for me the question of why such reports would be circulated.  What is the motive of the people publishing it?  Whatever the truth, it will eventually come out.

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