[Marxism] Another brick in the wall | Soviet Goon Boy

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Feb 27 07:28:51 MST 2013

Anyone familiar with the internal workings of the SWP will be aware that 
this layer of membership has traditionally been the most fanatically 
loyal to whatever wheeze is emanating from the CC at any given point in 
time. There’s also scope for an anthropological study of SWP teachers, 
who both form a relatively privileged freemasonry in the party and 
simultaneously have a masochistic tendency to defer to the most boorish 
and overbearing elements of the apparat. On a rhetorical level, this 
manifests itself in a buttock-clenchingly stentorian “Leninism” that’s 
slightly over the top even by SWP standards. One recalls the late James 
D Young who talked about a type of party discipline that wasn’t innate 
but cultivated, and really was little more than an attempt to dignify 
middle-class elitism.


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