[Marxism] A world without work

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Marx suggests that work can morph into play.  Among rich people,
self-directed work becomes a hobby,  such as when farm work becomes
gardening or  when executives  do cabinet work in their spare time.

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> We communists know that our society exists because we work. There can be no such thing as a no-work society.
> As it was well said, it is just a utopian dream.
> That aside, I had carefully planned my resources for post-retirement life. I actually have no need to earn a living, what is available is sufficient. But to my surprise, I am working much harder, after retirement than when when I was holding a job. Of course, I am doing some voluntary work, but the urge to work more is what is keeping me happy.
> I think people will continue to work even if material wealth increases.
> Vijaya Kumar Marla
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