[Marxism] Flectcher blather

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Feb 28 07:42:42 MST 2013


In the lead up to the 2012 elections the Left was badly divided over how 
to respond. One segment, which we will describe as the "mouths that 
screeched" were adamant that Obama had betrayed progressives; that he 
was not progressive; that he represented the empire; and therefore not 
only should not be supported but that it was ideological treason to 
suggest any level of support or even just to give him a vote without any 
implied support.

The vitriolic attacks coming from this sector masked the fact that this 
segment of the Left is actually becoming irrelevant. They had no visible 
impact on the elections and their protests were largely ignored. 
Unfortunately, one of the key things that this segment missed was the 
racial element of the 2012 elections and the need for voters of color, 
along with a good number of white allies, to push back at the 
`demographic’ attacks that were underway from the political Right. By 
focusing on all that Obama did incorrectly, this segment of the Left 
ignored, as well, that the Left and progressives are on the strategic 
defensive in the USA and that they need allies—especially among people 
of color.

We on the Left must pay much greater attention to what is transpiring 
among the people themselves. The fact that so many on the Left focused 
on Obama’s record and virtually ignored the intense racist offensive 
against Obama (and its broader implications) demonstrated that many of 
our friends are out of touch with reality.

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