[Marxism] Flectcher blather

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Thu Feb 28 09:01:50 MST 2013

When it comes to being irrelevant, we have something to learn from the experts.

To state the obvious, the level of American politics has reached the
point where labels are usually meaningless. So we have a  a president
with a Nixonian domestic agenda and Dubya's militarism called a
"socialist' (and simultaneously all sorts of other things.)

So it is that you have "progressives" who oppose any electoral
presence independent of the Democrats and they don't actually
distinguish themselves from the Democrats outside of the electoral
arena, whether the Republicans are in power or the Democrats.  (Ask
yourselves why they're shrieking about this in between elections if
their goal is anything other than to minimize open criticisms of the
administration.)  And, yes, I know the answer . . . that in their
heart of hearts they sincerely want a better world.  So do most
people.  The question is whether you're willing to do something about

In short, how do we understand people who make themselves invisible
and then take potshots at those who do not as irrelevant?  As Kurt
Vonnegut wrote of the career of Howard W. Campbell, Jr., "We are what
we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be."

In the real world, they are no more "progressive" than any other blind partisan.

As I've argued, the world has gone past 1972 when you had rational,
well-intentioned advocates of change supporting George McGovern and
select liberals as a means to that end--and publicly press and
demonstrate for progressive action in between the elections.

Setting aside the historical debate over this and an analysis of
whether or not it actually accomplished anything, that is now no
longer the condition.  As far as that goes, even the rightward rush of
the Democrats over the years isn't important.

What is seems to be that the be-all and end-all of these people has
become helping one corporate capitalist party win another, and nothing
progressive has anything to do it with it any more.

There are many ways to describe this, "progressive" not being one of them.


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