[Marxism] What kind of party do we need?

En Passant with John Passant en.passant at bigpond.com
Thu Jan 3 05:20:33 MST 2013

In response to my post about what kind of party do we need Mark says: 'However, the notion that the sui generis exclusive clusterings of the believers in their dozens (or less) can do anything to advance a serious anti-capitalist agenda seems questionable.'

Well in Australia the far left has a bit under 300 in one organisation, Socialist Alternative an organisation in the process of merging with the much smaller Revolutionary Socialist Party and initiating a left unity process.  The other major group, Socialist Alliance, has over 700 members. Not quite parties, but certainly organizations bigger than the dozens that Mark stereotypes us as. 

Mark's comments raise another point. Presumably what we are about, if Mark's logic is followed, is building an organisation fo non-believers, to use his dismissive characterization.  That of course is the reformist project. 

Shane said: 'It's true that 'objective' forces are running against us for some time but then we have to ask about our 'subjective' response and how appropriate it has been.'  Shane seems to think we must be doing it all wrong because unlike the Greens the revolutionary left haven't grown in Australia.  Shane's point seems to have a hint of idealism. 

And as I have pointed out in other forums the Greens are irrelevant when real struggles between labour and capital occur, as for example in some countries in Europe. The Greens have no answers to the crisis of capitalism other  than, it seems, neoliberalism, if the Ireland example is any guide. In Greece it is the Coalition of the Radical Left that has grown from very small beginnings to be the second largest party in the bourgeois parliament and perhaps the next Government.

I would argue it is a case of the revolutionary left building for the future, recruiting and developing cadre where and when we can and helping the struggles that are going on, subject to our own numerical and other limitations,  to win.  

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