[Marxism] Protests in India take on rape and repression

Marla Vijaya kumar marlavk at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 3 08:09:14 MST 2013

En Passant writes,
“However, the dire situation women face in India has led some Western pundits
to describe the country as the worst place in the world for women.“
I think is a shallow comment. India is place where women face
problems of oppression persisting in a feudal society turning to capitalism. It
is wrong to compare India with some of the Asian countries where Islamic
fundamentalism controls the lives of the people, like Afghanistan and Pakistan.
In India women feel free to wear a dress of their choice and get educated.
Personally, I have not seen any more discrimination towards women than there is
in the Western countries. Yes, India is a mosaic of various cultures at
different stages of development. We find in some of the rural areas of the
Northern States, something called “Khap Panchayats”, where the upper caste
elders order the killing of young couples who marry outside their caste or
religion. But in the South, West and East and a substantial portion of North,
nobody interferes with a young couple’s choice. In urban areas, love marriages
are so common that no one points out a couple that marries outside their caste
or religion.
It is a good thing that young people from the middle class
are also coming out in protest against oppression of women and the poor state
of law implementation. I hope that this will persist and draw in more and more
youth into the path of agitation. The general complaint in India is that the
younger generation does not care about the society and are complacent. I think
things are changing for the good.
Vijaya Kumar Marla

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