[Marxism] The Sunny Side of Sex in Cuba

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Thu Jan 3 16:08:28 MST 2013

Dutch filmmaker Sunny Bergman explores sex and sexuality in Cuba.What
she discoveries is very interesting indeed. In fact, in the light of
many of the aspirations of feminists elsewhere, the Cuban achievement
is startling and  novel in comparison to the commodification of sex in
capitalist societies.

Featured are interviews with Mariela Castro -- Raul's daughter -- who
is director of the Cuban National Center for Sex Education -- and a
catch up to the supportive approach to trans genders. For those who
still want to rail against supposed formal homophobia in Cuba -- the
sequence on the beach is a challenge to that POV.

As much as I know, what she doesn't address is how Cubans deal with
the housing shortage especially if you want a room to have sex in. But
her  take on machismo is fascinating in the light of how Cuban women
see Cuban men...and how female  tourists compare the local males to
their experience of men in their country of origin.

It's a  doco well worth sitting through. A bit raggedy but well worth
it for  the frankness and intimacy of the exchanges.


dave riley

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