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Marla Vijaya kumar marlavk at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 3 21:08:04 MST 2013

Duen De comments: marla vijaya -misogynist with an academic veneer
You can call
me names… Why did you leave out MCP?
Well, I am a
committed Marxist and I believe in the liberation of women from all kinds of
oppression they are subjected to under Capitalism and Feudalism.
I have spent a major part of my life working among
working class men and women. I have little sympathy for the metropolitan upper
class women.
Here is a
quote from Ruthless Critic from the article, “Two cheers for
the anti-rape movement” by Debraj Bhattacharya. He says, “But they
hardly ever understand what the other side is talking about. Women interested
in SLUTWALK hardly ever bother about the women in rural India. Conversely SHG (Self Help Groups - Marla)groups hardly ever participate in the urban events organised by feminists who
are in the first category. For the last fortnight or so since the anti-rape
agitation started I have been trying to find one example of a Self-Help-Group
from rural India coming to Delhi or in some other way participating in the
movement. I am reasonably confident that there was no such incident. I have
tried to find examples of elected women representatives in Panchayats (village
Councils – Marla) joining the movement. I could not find any such examples.”
Debraj again: “Clearly the ice between the two sides of the
movement for emancipation of women in India has not as yet melted.”
The ice between the upper class urban elite women and the poor
women, representing the other India will never melt! This is simple class
Having grown up in a family among six sisters, I am sure I
cannot be a misogynist. When I was around ten years old, I used to feel  jealous of all the attention my sisters were
getting from my parents. My father  used
to say, “my worry is about my daughters. I wonder if I can do enough to make
their life comfortable. I am not all worried about this monkey (he means me!).”
But as I grew up, I understood why he was paying special attention to his
daughters. He was a Marxist and he knew that the world is unjust to women.
Vijaya Kumar Marla

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