[Marxism] [Pen-l] A good reason for the left to turn down interviews with PressTV,

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Sun Jan 6 10:03:01 MST 2013

I tend not to agree. I think the PressTV interviews, which are
broadcast in Iran, allow people to reach hundreds of thousands of
Iranians who do speak English. There is no restriction on what you can
say. Ralph Shonemen has been on and directly challenging debating the
Iranian world view of a Zionist movement dominating US foreign policy
and other non-class, reactionary views held by the gov't and other
guests they have on PressTV.

The arguments put forward is that participants 'back up' the Iranian
gov't as PressTV is a propaganda tool of the Islamic Republic. That
such participation gives a left cover to the government there. But the
Iranian participants never take a left position when I've watched it.
When comrade Todd Cretian from the ISO appears on Fox TV, does he give
a left cover to Rupert Murdoch? There isn't a leftist I know of in the
U.S. that wouldn't give an interview to the NYT of WSJ...THE mouth
pieces of the most reactionary Imperialist ruling class anywhere in
the world. That various nut-cases and fascist like spokespeople have
been seen on PressTV is somehow the focus...but the actual U.S. ruling
class spokespeople on Imperialist press organs are somehow give a
pass? That's "OK"? That's what I'm reading here. Nonsense.


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