[Marxism] [Pen-l] A good reason for the left to turn down interviews with PressTV,

Jeff meisner at xs4all.nl
Sun Jan 6 10:49:49 MST 2013

At 09:03 06-01-13 -0800, DW wrote:
>I tend not to agree. I think the PressTV interviews, which are
>broadcast in Iran, allow people to reach hundreds of thousands of
>Iranians who do speak English.

Well I don't claim to know how many Iranians speak English and will be
addressed by getting on Press TV. But I did look at this disgusting
article. For those who didn't, the author Mike Stathis is an investment
banker whose views are so right-wing and antisemitic that (as he laments)
the mainstream US media won't touch him so he winds up on Press TV.

But skimming through the 70 comments below the article, I think I can
determine that the vast majority are by native English speakers, and I
suspect most from Americans. And almost without exception there is nothing
left-wing about the comments; most repeat the author's antisemitic slurs
and right-wing themes. Judging by that, I wouldn't find the readership to
be worth talking to.

- Jeff

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