[Marxism] Naftali Bennett interview in the Guardian

Steffan Wyn-Jones mrpettymrsmorse at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 7 12:51:35 MST 2013

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is "insoluble" and most Israelis "couldn't care less about it any more", according to Naftali Bennett, the surprise star of the election campaign, whose extreme rightwing nationalist and pro-settler Jewish Home is within sight of becoming the country's second-biggest party ... "If we hand over [the West Bank] to the Arabs, life here will be miserable and in constant conflict for the next 200 years," he said. "I want the world to understand that a Palestinian state means no Israeli state. That's the equation."Instead of a two-state solution, Bennett has proposed the unilateral annexation of Area C, the 60% of the West Bank that contains all Jewish settlements and is currently under Israeli military control. Palestinians currently living in Area C could either take Israeli citizenship or relocate to the Palestinian-governed 40% of the West Bank. Bennett conceded that the international community would strongly oppose such a plan. "I don't accept it's illegal under international law, but I agree the world would not recognise [annexation]. The world hasn't recognised Jerusalem as our capital, or the Western Wall as part of Israel, so this would just be another area that the world doesn't recognise." ... His duty as a coalition partner was to stop Netanyahu veering to the left, he said. "The Israeli-Palestinian issue is something we can talk about forever, but it's never going anywhere. I can waste the next four years babbling about Israel and the Palestinians, or the alternative is to say this is insoluble, so let's work out a modus vivendi with our neighbours the best we can. For too many years, Israel has been taken hostage by this conflict."Ah yes, of course it's Israel that's been a 'hostage' all along, kind of like Germany was 'taken hostage' by the rest of Europe in WWII... http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2013/jan/07/naftali-bennett-interview-jewish-home 		 	   		  

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