[Marxism] Movie chatter

Mic Jordan mic.jor at gmail.com
Wed Jan 9 09:55:30 MST 2013

Loved `Django Unchained`as a tale of sweet revenge, illusive as it to us
slaves.  The bulk of commentators shrilly contend that it breaks with
spaghetti tradition and with the Django cinematic legend of 45 years ago.
Poppycock! Since when does Spike Lee the misogynist become the Marxist
voice?  There are three Django movies 1966, 1968, 1987 available on you
tube in full uncut versions: Screen them before reviewing them here. No
need to dig that hole you are in any deeper.

I would like Tarantino to follow up this masterpiece with an accurate
portrayal of the brutal six decades of the `Jewish States`` crimes against
Palestinian slaves starting with the bombing of the King David Hotel and
ending with the entire Likud Party staked out in the Negev covered with
honey as red ants nibbled their their heavily marbled flesh. That is a
revenge flick !!

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