[Marxism] Richard Seymour on the SWP crisis

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Sat Jan 12 05:51:48 MST 2013

Apologies. I was unclear. That was *my* snarky response, not me criticizing you in the least. It was a poor attempt to make the wry point that political action doesn't necessarily end with being expelled, but--despite how horrible it is--can ultimately be positive. The ISO's internal culture and external relations have become markedly more open and comradely--more self-reflective and self-critical (at both the membership level and leadership level)--since being kicked out of the IST. There is no doubt more ground to travel on that road, but as I'm not involved on a daily basis, I can't say anything more specific on that account. Most of all, I think we realized that we didn't have any organizational silver bullet. It was precisely our isolation and weakness that allowed us to reach out to other existing or new groups, which turns out to be a strength.

Anyway, again, sorry for the misunderstanding.


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> Look Dave I had no intention of being snarky.  I was expelled from the IS
> in Brisbane in 1981 after an awful faction fight. Some of the people who
> did me in are on this list.  To this day they believe that we were after
> their jobs and they acted accordingly.

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