[Marxism] Tarantino Flunks American History

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Sat Jan 12 16:29:51 MST 2013

It surprises me that any of us would expect movies or TV programs to
be historically accurate and teach about history, though this.

The expectation is certainly cultivated by the dominant institutions
and powers in this society, the priorities of which are obvious when
you look at where they put money.  It doesn't replace retiring
teachers but to fund a TV series on the History Channel with Larry the
Cable Guy.  I just did a random check, and that channel is running an
extended documentary on how Jesse James ran the Knights of the Golden
Circle, a thoroughly idiotic idea puked up by a self-referencing set
of silly books over the last ten or twenty years.  I wouldn't doubt
that Kentucky spent more on tax breaks and infrastucture for the local
Creationist museum than to teach evolution in the state.

This is necessary, of course, if you want to have 45% of
self-identified Republicans believing that they found WMDs in Iraq . .
. or a similar proportion of Democrats thinking Obama's a liberal or a

As a general rule, if it's coming from commercial mass media,
skepticism should always be the default.  If it claims to be history,
doubly so . . . :-)


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