[Marxism] "Pointed charge"?

Dan R proletariandan at gmail.com
Sun Jan 13 11:20:38 MST 2013

As I expected.

All of the 'anti-vanguardist' rhetoric is pretty transparently just an
obsession with an electoralist perspective which is completely out of touch
with the state of the left in the US. It's amazing to me that when one tiny
vanguardist electoral campaign happens to get a decent showing and then
opportunistically attacks another group for not endorsing them - as if that
is anything approaching a united front - the regroupmentists seem to rally
'round the vanguardists slinging accusations of sectarianism.

Gag me.

For the record, the ISO has not responded to SA's ridiculous hit-piece in
which they included a response from our leadership that was sent to SA's
leadership. I don't begrudge them publishing it since I think it is
actually spot on:

"An email sent two weeks before an election to the national leadership of
the ISO, and not even directly, is not a serious effort at collaboration.
You and SA's elected leadership, as a national organization and part of an
international tendency, would and should know this quite well. It's not
even a gesture in such a direction. In fact, we know of no occasions when
SA members, national or otherwise, have contacted the ISO's national
leadership to discuss collaboration in any electoral or social struggle
effort. This kind of nonconstructive behaviour serves to reinforce rather
than overcome sectarianism which is of benefit to no one."

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