[Marxism] Something historic happening in Seattle...

Manuel Barrera mtomas3 at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 13 12:16:28 MST 2013

I'm glad to hear it, Dan. I, too, am supporting this campaign and hope comrades throughout the Northwest will work with you and others to mount a national campaign against the blockade to learning and changing the world that is the use of standardized testing in public education. 

In other venues, I have asked that we might issue a call to hold a broad left unity gathering during the April demonstrations in Washington DC being organized by SaveOurSchools coalition; Occupy the DOE: http://saveourschoolsmarch.org/event/occupy-doe-2-0-the-march-for-public-education/
Perhaps a great starting point would be to discuss how we can all work together rather than just pick apart earlier events? It would be great to see how we can build more unity in action regardless of other differences.

In solidarity 		 	   		  

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