[Marxism] "Pointed charge"?

Dan R proletariandan at gmail.com
Sun Jan 13 15:22:04 MST 2013

All I mean, Mark, is that so many people seem to think the left isn't going
to grow without contesting elections. I think this is completely backward:
that the left won't be able to contest elections effectively until it grows
and unites by building and strengthening it's own institutions; labor
unions, social movements, workers' centers, etc.

For a group as small as the ISO running elections and movement building is
an either/or question that has to be assessed on a case by case, election
by election, year by year basis. We just can't do both in a serious way. As
an example, I can't imagine the CTU strike (which took place in the
immediate lead-up to the elections) being anywhere as successful as it was
without the dedication - for years by the radicals who built a radical
rank-and-file caucus and then led the union to a strike and for months by
hundreds of activists inside and outside the union working to make it
successful - that completely bucked the trend of collaboration and
wholesale retreat by big AFL-CIO and particularly AFT unions. As far as I'm
concerned the CTU strike was infinitely more important than any left US
electoral campaign of the last decade, perhaps much farther back.


For my part, I wasn't intending any criticism of the ISO--which,
> however large it was elsewhere, simply wasn't big enough to have any
> kind of impact here.  That said, I am shaking my head with confusion
> to understand what "an obsession with an electoralist perspective
> which is completely out of touch with the state of the left in the US"
> means.

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