[Marxism] Re Tarantino Flunks American History,

michael yates mikedjyates at msn.com
Sun Jan 13 16:20:04 MST 2013

Here is something Michael Smith wrote that I thought was good: http://stopmebeforeivoteagain.org/2013/01/aaron-swartz-zl/
Michael is smart and a good writer. Plus he is funny too. What I liked about what he wrote about the suicide of Aaron Swartz
is that he didn't make it about himself, he was obviously sympathetic to Aaron's depression, he didn't focus on Mr. Swartz' genius (as he correctly says, there are a lot of smart people out there), and he noted Swartz's boldness in a worthy cause.

As to the Tarantino film, I haven't seen it. But I have talked to people I like and think are smart and good radicals who liked the movie. And I know those, whom I also like and respect(that's you Louis!), who hated it. Sometimes we can beat these things to death. I never get tired of berating Robert Naiman (who I have inadvertently been calling "Newman," probably because every time I see his name I think of Seinfeld saying "Newman!"). He is such a stupid liberal. But I am probably wasting my time. 

I had a friend when I was young. A black guy. We were talking one night, and he said, "Yeah, I used to watch Amos n' Andy too." Maybe he liked it because every character was black, and it was set in Harlem, where nearly everyone was black as well. Who can say? Maybe he'd have rather lived there than it the shitty racist factory town where we both did live. Anyway, it was a television show. We've moved on since then. I would no doubt be embarrassed to watch it now. By the same token, Django is just a film. We'll all recover from whatever its flaws might be. 		 	   		  

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