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WORLD CHANNEL Jan 29, free online streaming
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AfroPop Season 5: Gabourney Sidibe Presents:

*DEAR MANDELA by Dara Kell & Chris Nizza*
(Durban and Brooklyn Film Festival Award Winner)
South Africa, 2011, HD, color, 93 min.

*National TV broadcast on the WORLD Channel*
*Tuesday January 29, 2013 7pm ET, 9pm PT*

*New York:* WLIW World on Cablevision 132, Time Warner 164, Verizon Fios 473
*Philadelphia*: WHYY – *Boston*: WGBH - *San Francisco*: KQED

*January 29 – February 5*: free online streaming on blackpublicmedia.org
*March 1-31*: free online streaming on blackpublicmedia.org

Directors Dara Kell and Chris Nizza are available for interviews.

/NEW YORK TIMES: “South Africa’s comedown from post-apartheid unity has
been going on for a while, but “Dear Mandela” usefully outlines the
forces of exclusion and generational shifts that have arisen.”

VARIETY: “This evocatively shot, lucidly edited film deserves wider

After a successful theatrical run in New York in September and
screenings in Haitian displacement camps, in Scandinavia, Germany and
South Africa, DEAR MANDELA follows three young South African activists
as they fight for the housing promised by Nelson Mandela when his ANC
first came to power.

DEAR MANDELA gets its national US TV premiere as part of the fifth
season of AfroPoP: The Ultimate Cultural Exchange, an innovative
documentary series highlighting contemporary life, art and pop culture
in the African Diaspora, produced for the WORLD Channel and American
Public Television. This season is presented by Academy Award-nominated
actress Gabourney Sidibe (PRECIOUS).

Winner of the prize for Best South African Documentary at the Durban
International Film Festival and a nominee for Best Documentary at the
African Academy Awards, DEAR MANDELA is a remarkably lucid view of a
situation that is as complex as it is urgent.

Deftly moving between social spheres in a South Africa that finds itself
as segregated along class lines today as it once was along racial
divides, Dara Kell and Christopher Nizza’s stirring, rigorous film – a
product of the Sundance Institute’s Documentary Fund – tracks the
catastrophic effects of a government bent on progress without regard for
its citizens.  As the government moves to destroy shack homes, or
“informal settlements”, as they’re officially known, without providing
alternative housing, hundreds of thousands of shack dwellers face

Kell and Nizza dive into the world of the Kennedy Road settlement, a
sprawl of lean-tos located just miles from the urban center of Durban.
   Here, amidst the ravages of AIDS and extreme poverty, they find the
core of a resistance movement, the Abahlali baseMjondolo.  Among its
members are two unique, young leaders – the calm, eloquent student Mazwi
and the passionate, rousing shopkeeper Mnikelo.  Though these two serve
as the film’s beating heart, and the source of its most powerful
political critiques, Kell and Nizza offer a wide-ranging portrait of
this community.

As a decision on the “slum act” – a provision which allows for immediate
demolition of any home deemed unfit – drags its ways through the courts,
the filmmakers move from classroom to courtroom, street to safe house,
painting a clear, comprehensive portrait of South Africa’s deeply
troubled political situation, one in which the former revolutionaries –
the ANC (African National Congress) – have congealed into their own
potentially repressive force.  Young leaders such as Mazwi and Mnikelo
are faced with the task of not only fighting for the right of their
people to a better life, but of doing so without alienating those who
fought the same fight just decades earlier.

Dara Kell: “In 2007, I first learned about a new social movement called
Abahlali baseMjondolo (Residents of the Shacks). I was immediately
intrigued by the potential of this deeply democratic movement to find
some way through the seemingly intractable situation of millions of
people living in life-threatening conditions in rapidly growing informal

Dara Kell is a South African documentary director and editor.  As an
editor, she has worked on a number of high-profile films and television
shows, including Academy Award nominee JESUS CAMP and Emmy Award winner
DIAMOND AT THE ROCK.  She has also edited short films for Human Rights
Watch and the MacArthur Foundation.  For DEAR MANDELA, she was selected
as a fellow at the Sundance Institute Documentary Composers Lab and the
IFP Documentary Lab.

Christopher Nizza, a native of New York City and an Emmy winner for his
work at MSG Network, has edited films and television documentaries
(HOLLYWOOD DC, IRONMAN TRIATHLON), commercials, and music videos.  In
2010, he produced and edited stories for NBC’s coverage of the Vancouver
Winter Olympics.  For DEAR MANDELA, he was selected as a fellow at the
Sundance Institute Documentary Composers Lab and the IFP Documentary Lab.

AfroPop interview with the directors: http://bit.ly/TEDM4o
Website: www.dearmandela.com <http://www.dearmandela.com>
Press materials: www.silversaltpr.com <http://www.silversaltpr.com>

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