[Marxism] “Leninism” Meets the 21st Century

Dan R proletariandan at gmail.com
Tue Jan 15 12:17:48 MST 2013

quote: your critiques sometimes come across as "Socialists organize
according to Bolshevik(fake), when they should organize according to
Bolshevik(real)." I don't doubt real is better than fake, but 1) are you
positive you've figured out the pure, absolute, platonic truth?; 2) it then
comes across as if you've discovered the OneTrueFormula(TM) for the success
of the left ("Just read two blog posts and call me in the morning"); and 3)
I tend to think a group's organization should instead be based on what
makes sense in the given situation, with priority given to debate and
discussion and sharing of information and experiences among militants.
Historical examples are always good to know, especially ones that were
successful to a greater or lesser degree (and in that sense I think the
Abolitionists are at least as interesting a model as the Bolsheviks). But
that doesn't absolve us from figuring out what makes sense today.


Binh is even more arrogant about it. I don't doubt he has some decent ideas
but I have a hard time getting more than a paragraph into most of his
articles without wanting to vomit.

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