[Marxism] illegal SWP faction

DCQ davecq at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 15 17:44:31 MST 2013

I'll second that caution, as I vaguely remember a few anarchist-charlatans joining around the time of the SWP-ISO split who only succeeded in annoying and distracting folks. I can't be any more specific since that was two computers ago and I no longer have the emails.

Beyond that, I don't see any reason comrades should be anonymous in this. They've got nothing to be ashamed of. And even if genuine comrades have set this up in a sincere attempt, the anonymous nature of the posts means any two-bit sectarian with an axe to grind (or even garden variety internet trolls) can run amok. Richard, Mieville, and Emma Rock have set a good precedent.

On Jan 15, 2013, at 6:52 PM, Lenin's Tomb wrote:

> I'd advise caution.  This website looks like bollocks, for want of a better word.  I don't believe it was set up by an SWP member, or represents an actual SWP Opposition.  Be wary.

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