[Marxism] Is Growth Over?

Ian Angus ecosocialism at gmail.com
Wed Jan 16 18:36:49 MST 2013

Hans wrote ...

>Here is an example of a recent prediction of doom, one of
>many. I found it odd that nobody on the Marxism list
>brought it up:
>Inter Press Service January 14, 2013
>Experts Fear Collapse of Global Civilisation

The "experts" who wrote the article that the IPS article is based on 
are Paul and Anne Ehrlich. They have been predicting imminent doom
at least since they wrote "The Population Bomb" in 1968 -- and they've
done the same in hundreds of similar articles and books since.

Their 2013 text is more carefully worded than their 45-year-old 
bestseller, but it boils down to the same claim: that the primary cause 
of all human problems is overpopulation. They now add references to 
"overconsumption," but for them that only means bad behaviour by 
individuals, not the waste and destruction that is inherent in

Marxists do need to analyse and understand the issues posed by capitalist
misuse and abuse of the earth, but the Ehrlichs and their ilk are not
a good guide to the problems or the solutions. A good place to start 
would be Fred Magdoff's article in the current Monthly Review, 
"Global Resource Depletion: Is Population the Problem?"

Ian Angus
Editor, Climate & Capitalism

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