[Marxism] New on the irish revolution

Philip Ferguson philipferguson8 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 17 17:40:09 MST 2013

“The six counties: the carnival of reaction continues”:

(This is a very good little piece that first appeared last week on the
Socialist Democracy site as a letter)

“The carnival of reaction: who is to blame now?”:

(Follow-up to the piece above, consisting of a letter making some
interesting comments on the first letter)

“Iris Murdoch, Eoin MacNeill and the Rising”:

I first read Iris Murdoch’s 1965 novel *The Red and the Green* about 30
years ago and had long forgotten the content, other than that it was set in
1916; I recently came across it when rifling through boxes of stored books
and decided to re-read it;  given that it was written in 1965 it had some
interesting stuff about Eoin MacNeill and the week before the Rising.  I
didn’t think all that much of it as a novel, but it’s fairly rare to find a
novelist of Murdoch’s standing – it was about her fifth or sixth novel –
writing stuff that is pretty sympathetic to the Rising.  Murdoch came from
a well-off Anglo-Irish family in Dublin, although I think in her teens she
was sent off to some posh girls school in England and didn’t live in
Ireland again.

I’m still very keen to get more people contributing to the blog.  Although
news stories are OK, I’m particularly interested in chunkier
socialist-republican analysis, of both the Irish past and present (and, for
that matter, future!).


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