[Marxism] My critique of the Telekommunist Manifesto

David P Á david at miradoiro.com
Fri Jan 18 17:19:09 MST 2013

The Telekommunist Manifesto is a pamhplhet written by a German communist 
computer programmer called Dmytri Kleiner. The title is a bit of a joke 
on Deutsch Telekom and how it used to be called, pejoratively, 
Telekommunisten, but the attempt is to reclaim this word. I did find it 
an interesting text, centring on issues like intellectual property 
regimes as information enclosures, free commons and free software and 
their limitations, and ideas on how to attempt to build capacities for 
the struggle through new modes of organisation (though I suppose some 
people may see it as unredeemably autonomist). You can get the original 
at http://telekommunisten.net/the-telekommunist-manifesto/

My review/critique of it is at 
(If that link breaks up into several lines, try http://is.gd/yB4AL8 

Hope it's of interest. I'm never quite sure if the list would be annoyed 
at me sending articles... I have no intention to become disturbing.

Omnis enim res quae dando non deficit, dum habetur et non datur, nondum 
habetur quomodo habenda est.

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