[Marxism] So what the fuck was Humphrey Bogart doing in North Africa anyhow?

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Jan 19 15:44:38 MST 2013

Back in the late 50s the only way you could see a movie on television 
was to turn on the CBS network. With the Early Show, the Late Show, and 
the Late Late Show, you got to see just the kinds of films that are the 
staple of the Turner Classic Movie cable station today. Today I stumbled 
across a TCM screening of the 1943 “Sahara”, one my favorite movies from 
way back when. Written by CP’er John Howard Lawson and starring Humphrey 
Bogart as a tank commander in Libya during WWII, I always felt like 
standing up and cheering when the dirty Nazis surrendered to the 
outnumbered allies, a small band of men assembled from the “united 
nations” fending off Nazism. There was a Brit, a Frenchie, some Yanks, a 
North African, and an Italian prisoner who eventually gave up his life 
to help his captors. Like most CP’ers in Hollywood, Lawson really knew 
how to spin a tale that would get people rallying around the stars and 

The only problem was figuring out what the hell Humphrey Bogart was 
doing in North Africa. After reading chapter seventeen of James 
Heartfield’s “Unpatriotic History of World War Two”, a book that I would 
nominate for Isaac Deutscher Prize of 2013 if I were on the jury, I will 
never able to see “Sahara” in the same light.


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