[Marxism] Mali's problems did not start with the fall of Qaddafi

Maxim Wexler maxim.wexler at gmail.com
Tue Jan 22 11:55:26 MST 2013

"For too long, a lot of conspiracy theorists and crackpots have been
spreading myths about Mali’s travails. According to them, Algeria’s
military intel service DRS has been masterminding simpleton Jihadis.
Even more predictably, said crackpots see America’s hand under every
rock, and caressing the back of every lizard running the Sahara
desert. Sniffing for oil, and Uranium and other resources said to be
under the arid desert."

No, America is setting up military bases because it cares.

"Time and again, European nations chose to negotiate, and pay ransom
money. Germany, Italy, Spain, France cut deals with hostage takers not
thinking much of it. After all, Europe’s politicians thought the
savages were deep in the Sahara and did not pose much of a threat
beyond their forsaken deserts. Or at best, let the Malians deal with
them. Complacency was Europe’s strategy."

Europe is soft on terror. Unlike America: Tall and Proud for Freedom(tm).

"When it was not busy blogging from Germany on its Maghrebia news
website, America’s Africa Command (Africom) in charge of the Sahel
region, was in earnest trying to make sense of this maze of interests,
pushing for a regional command to deal with the lawless mess that
Azawad was slowly progressing.."

what a larf! Proyect, is the US State Dept paying you, or are you an amateur?

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