[Marxism] 3D printing and communism. Any opinions from tech-savvy comrades?

Rob Parker birdlives87 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 22 21:43:35 MST 2013

Greetings all,

A close friend of mine who is very into technology and also very
sympathetic to socialism has recently been smitten by the emergence of
practical 3D printing technology. In his view, this will virtually put an
end to material want, as, eventually, almost anything imaginable can be
produced at very little cost by anyone who owns 3D printers, which are
themselves becoming more and more affordable. So basically, the means of
production will be in everyone's hands. Raw material, of course, would
still be needed, but by the time this technology is fully realized, there
will probably be much more advanced labor saving tech involved in procuring
such material. Utopia at the push of a button, in a way.

Anyway, I know next to nothing about the ins and outs of modern technology,
so I was wondering if there were any more tech-saavy comrades on this list
who have an opinion or some insight into 3D printing technology? I'm always
wary of narratives that stress technology in and of itself as being the
savior of humankind. It, of course depends on who benefits from the
advances and to what ends they are applied.

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